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750 banner for everyone

For a city celebrating its birthday, festive decorations are a must. That's why a special City Dressing design has been created: the 750 banner. It's available to everyone through the free digital toolkit.

The 750 banner was designed by two Amsterdam-based creative agencies (Liebe Leute and Lowres Creative Studio) and represents a diverse city, unity, and of course, celebration. The 750 banner will be featured on flags and banners visible throughout the city. We also invite everyone to use the banner. Whether you’re an organizer, entrepreneur or just an Amsterdam resident.

If you want to use the 750 banner for commercial purposes on your product or packaging, we ask you to donate at least 15% of the profits to a charitable cause in Amsterdam. You can choose the charity yourself. We have listed some suggestions for you.

List of charities in Amsterdam
Impressie van 750 slinger op folder
Impressie van 750 slinger op flesje sap

Request the 750 banner toolkit

Join in and hang up the 750 banner too. Request the free 750 banner toolkit via this form.

Request the 750 banner toolkit

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