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About Amsterdam 750

On October 27 2025, Amsterdam will celebrate its 750th anniversary. This will be celebrated grandly from October 27 2024, until the actual birthday a year later.

Amsterdam 750

The goal is to make the city come alive like never before! We'll shine a spotlight on local (young) talent, build new connections and leave behind something special for the future. We'll do this all while keeping in mind the challenges Amsterdammers face, because we believe celebrating together is crucial, especially during tough times.

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An entire year full of activities

During the jubilee year over 200 activities will take place. Musicals, theater performances, exhibitions, sports events, neighborhood events, storytelling & photography projects, children's activities and much more. We kick off the year with a spectacular Opening Concert at Ziggo Dome on October 27 2024. It will be a musical and visual spectacle paying tribute to both the historic and modern Amsterdam. In June 2025, the city will focus on the future for ten days during the 'ToekomstTiendaagse' event. Which will end with a big party on the Ring A10 on Saturday June 21. During the summer and fall, we'll join in the festivities of SAIL, the Marathon and Kwaku Festival, all celebrating their 50th anniversary. And finally, on October 27 2025, which marks Amsterdam's 750th birthday, we'll finish off the jubilee year with a big party.


Program Office Amsterdam 750

Since 2021, the city of Amsterdam's program office has been the driving force and link between initiators of activities. It also coordinates several events itself, including the Opening Concert, the Party on Ring A10 and the 750th Birthday on October 27 2025. For public outreach, the Program Office collaborates with amsterdam&partners.

The Amsterdam 750 Foundation

The Amsterdam 750 Foundation offers residents the chance to apply for grants to fund activities related to the jubilee year.

Amsterdam 750 foundation

Together we make Amsterdam

Amsterdam 750 is a celebration shaped and celebrated by all of us. We hope that countless organizations, initiatives, businesses and residents will join us in organizing the festivities in the coming years. Questions or suggestions about Amsterdam 750?