About us

The Amsterdam 750 (program) team was established in 2019 to ensure that the preparations for the Amsterdam 750 celebrations run smoothly. This team has since gained inspiration and ideas through hundreds of meetings with concerned residents, companies, organizations and artists. The foundations for this had already been laid in 2011, when the ‘Amsterdam 750 Years’ Foundation was established, which has collected a large number of ideas for the celebration through numerous activities in the following years.

Team Amsterdam 750
Since 2021, the Team Amsterdam 750 has been the driving force and connector between applicants and initiators and the new Amsterdam 750 Foundation, which assesses the grant applications. To this end, it will encourage and bring initiatives to the attention of the Foundation and focus on cooperation between services, external parties and financiers. The Team will also challenge as many existing events and celebrations as possible to have their initiative take place in the theme of Amsterdam 750 from October 27, 2024.

Launch Amsterdam 750
On October 27, 2020, the plans for the celebration of Amsterdam 750 were announced during a livestream from De Hallen. Together with the theater makers of Lost Project, the makers collective sQuare and design agency Lava, we organized a broadcast full of theatre, music, conversations, film, diverse guests and a speech by Mayor Halsema.

Amsterdam 750 Foundation
It is expected that in the coming years many dozens, if not hundreds of ideas from residents, companies and organizations will find their way to the Amsterdam 750 Foundation and will receive financial support from the Foundation. One requirement is already clear: all initiatives must contribute to the Amsterdam 750 goal of creating new connections between people and organisations.

Amsterdam we make together
Amsterdam 750 is worn, made and celebrated by all of us. We therefore hope that countless organizations, initiatives, companies and residents will join the organization of the celebration in the coming years. In the meantime, more and more partners – large and small – are joining us.