Amsterdam. Forever…

Amsterdam 750 theme announced

The municipality and amsterdam&partners announced the theme of Amsterdam's 750th anniversary year: 'Amsterdam. Forever...'.

Amsterdam 750 theme announced: ‘AMSTERDAM. FOREVER…’

The municipality and amsterdam&partners announced the theme of Amsterdam’s 750th anniversary year: ‘Amsterdam. Forever…’.

Amsterdam will be 750 years old in 2025. The city will celebrate this in grand style, from 27 October 2024 until the actual anniversary one year later. The goal: a city that buzzes like never before. The theme for the anniversary year was announced at a meeting at the Amsterdam Conservatory and through the municipality’s online channels: ‘Amsterdam. Forever…’. A theme that invites Amsterdammers to express their own interpretation.

Launch video only in available in Dutch

The jubilee year will focus on the city’s history, the future and the road towards it. Mayor Halsema: “Together, we look back on 750 eventful years, not only by telling well-known but especially new and unknown stories from the city. By thinking ahead and dreaming about the city of tomorrow, because together we are making the Amsterdam of the future: the free city of the 21st century. What unites Amsterdammers is their love for the city, from which wonderful initiatives are already emerging to celebrate the anniversary year together. Amsterdam 750 is also an opportunity to share this love for the city and create something together that the city and its residents will enjoy not only during that year, but also in the years to come. We see new collaborations emerging between residents, entrepreneurs and all kinds of institutions and organisations throughout the city.”

Team 750 of the Municipality of Amsterdam creates, connects and coordinates numerous projects around the year of Amsterdam 750. At the same time, the whole city is already working hard behind the scenes on ‘750’. On 27 October 2024, we will kick off with an iconic opening, and efforts will be made to organise an unforgettable anniversary celebration on 27 October 2025. During the anniversary year, there will be something to do almost every day: from small-scale neighbourhood initiatives organised by residents to the best Amsterdam offers in music, theatre, art and culture, sports and education. And we celebrate with SAIL, the Marathon and the Kwaku Festival, which first took place 50 years ago, in 1975. For the festive decor and communication, the municipality works with amsterdam&partners.

“One thing is certain: Amsterdammers love their city. And if you ask them why, everyone tells a different, personal story. Therein lies also the strength and beauty of Amsterdam. Those who have closed their hearts to the city do so forever,” says Sietse Bakker, Programme Director Amsterdam 750. “For some, Amsterdam is forever that young city, for others, it is forever the city of freedom. Or it is forever the city where you come home. Something that is ‘forever’ runs deep. You look after something that is ‘forever’.

In the coming period, Team 750 will also work on initiatives extending beyond the city. “Amsterdam’s 750th birthday is also the birthday of our country’s capital. The celebration is, of course, for all Amsterdam residents, here and elsewhere. We also want to celebrate the anniversary with everyone who feels connected with the city, in the Netherlands and beyond,” Bakker said.