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Apply for a grant

You can apply for funding in multiple ways to organize something for the city's birthday. For small amounts and neighborhood initiatives, Amsterdam 750 collaborates with 'Mensen Maken Amsterdam'. For larger amounts, the Amsterdam 750 Foundation has been established. You can also apply for annual funding for Vrijdenkersfestival.

Mensen Maken Amsterdam

At Mensen Maken Amsterdam you can apply for up to 1,500 euros to organize something on or around the city’s birthday on 27 October. In June, the applications will open again for organizing a project for Amsterdam’s upcoming birthday.

Apply here

Amsterdam 750 foundation

At the Amsterdam 750 Foundation, you can request larger amounts of funding. If you want to organize something as part of Amsterdam750, you can apply for 10,000, 20,000, or 50,000 euros here. However, a condition is that you also have other funding and that you carry out your plan in collaboration with another party. This encourages exciting new collaborations and stimulates new connections within Amsterdam.

Apply here


Every year, between January 6th and March 31st, you can apply for funding for Vrijdenkersfestival, which takes place on or around October 27th. Vrijdenkersfestival is a part of Amsterdam 750. During the festival, we reflect on our understanding of freedom and its significance. All cultural institutions based in Amsterdam can submit an application.