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Grandstands in the City

01 February 2024

The Amsterdam 750 Foundation provides residents of Amsterdam with the opportunity to determine how they want to celebrate the 750th anniversary of the capital city. It does so by granting subsidies to projects leading up to the anniversary in 2025. A great example of such an initiative is 'Tribunes in the City' ('Grandstands in the City').

Photo: Studio Wesseling

If you take a stroll through West, you might just stumble upon a grandstand filled with people. This is the work of Collective SLPLZN, which, in honor of Amsterdam 750, will be setting up special grandstands throughout the district until the end of 2024. ‘With the project Tribunes in the City, we want to celebrate the beauty of the city,’ says theater maker and director Victor Mentink. ‘You don’t have to go to the theater to witness a fascinating spectacle. Every three months, we focus on a different ‘type’ of Amsterdammer.’ In the coming period, it will be ‘the working person,’ and you can watch hardworking shopkeepers or tough scaffolders from the grandstand. Then it’s time for ‘the celebrating person.’ ‘Everyone is welcome to take a seat on the grandstand, and each visitor will be provided with headphones for musical accompaniment.’

Watching is participating

Where the grandstands will be placed remains a surprise until the last moment. In addition to the grandstands, the collective organizes various theatrical evenings and gatherings at its home base on Van Reigersbergenstraat. In honor of the city’s 750th anniversary, Victor will be working on ‘the celebrating person’ in March. ‘What does celebration actually mean and how do you experience such a memorable moment or milestone? That’s what I’ll be exploring with a group of actors. Everyone is welcome to join, even if you’re not an actor.’ If you want to participate, you can sign up via the website. Of course, you are also welcome as a visitor. ‘But,’ says Victor with a smile, ‘we create contemporary community theater where as a visitor, you are both audience and actor. It might just happen that I ask you to come up on stage. Because celebration isn’t just about watching, it’s also about participating.’

Where and when?

  • The grandstands will be set up on February 17th, March 8th, and March 15th. Check the exact location on the SLPLZN website a few days beforehand. TRIBUNES IN DE STAD | Collectief SLPLZN (
  • On March 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 29th, and 30th, various theatrical evenings will take place, including those by Victor Mentink.
  • Want to get to know the collective better? You are welcome to join us every first Friday of the month from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the neighborhood evening above community space (Buurthuis) De Nieuwe Reiger in West.


Collective SLPLZN has been creating community theater in Amsterdam-West since 2015. Each production, installation, or performance serves as a meeting place for fellow city dwellers, each with their own story, background, and talent. The collective consists of Victor Mentink, Elsbeth Bult, Micha Hulshof, Pascal Kijzer, Sofie Doeland, and Leonne de Jong.

Want to join in?

Would you like to sign up, participate in acting, -eating, or be involved in any other way with these projects by Collective SLPLZN? Sign up through the calendar or send an email to For more up-to-date information, visit: TRIBUNES IN DE STAD | Collectief SLPLZN (