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Jubilee year Amsterdam strengthened by partnership with AT5, GVB, and OBA

27 October 2023

On the 748th birthday of Amsterdam, the Amsterdam 750 program office welcomes three new partners. Sietse Bakker, program director of Amsterdam 750, says: "We are extremely pleased with the contributions of these three partners who are doing something extra for the city and all Amsterdammers during this special jubilee year."


AT5, part of the Public Broadcast Amsterdam and the Amsterdam local public broadcaster for over thirty years, joins as a media partner. Thanks to this wonderful collaboration, the jubilee year will reach even more living rooms, via television and the popular online platforms.


GVB joins as a community partner. They are also celebrating a special anniversary in 2025, namely their 125th anniversary. And we will celebrate it together. With GVB, we ensure visibility of 750 in the city and in public transport, and good accessibility of the festive activities throughout the year.


The OBA (Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam) also commits as a community partner to the jubilee year. Together, we make Amsterdam 750 even more accessible through the OBA’s branch network, so that the jubilee year is always close by for young and old. The OBA offers its locations, expertise, people, and network to realize the birthday program in the neighborhoods. With activities, mini-exhibitions, and an extended hand to initiators from the city.

Become a Sponsor

We celebrate Amsterdam 750 together. That’s why Amsterdam calls on companies to help make this celebration possible. Amsterdam 750 offers a suitable sponsorship proposition for the jubilee year. More information: become a sponsor.