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The future of Amsterdam. Join the conversation!

18 March 2024

With Amsterdam existing for 750 years, it is a great moment to reflect together. We celebrate what we have achieved in 750 years, and we look forward to the future. Various initiators are organizing an event about the future in the anniversary year. Free 'Socratic dialogues' are also taking place. A unique way of engaging in conversation together.

The Innovation department of the Municipality of Amsterdam facilitates Socratic Design Dialogues to collectively and practically philosophize about a desired, hopeful, and vibrant future. These dialogues will take place throughout the metropolitan region during the anniversary year, with their outcomes being presented during the Future Ten Days event (‘ToekomstTiendaagse’) in June 2025. Curious about what this entails? You can attend the first session on April 4th at the Embassy of the Free Mind. Participation is free.


Do you have any questions or are you interested but unable to attend on April 4th? In this case, please send an email to Zeger Schavemaker at He will provide you with more information and keep you updated on future events.

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