Big party on the A10 orbital motorway

“A capital city only turns 750 years old once”

On Saturday 21 June 2025, cars will make way for music, dance, theatre, sports and much more.

On the longest day of 2025, June 21st, it’s time for a party! We will celebrate Amsterdam’s 750th birthday on 15 kilometres of car-free A10. The celebrations will feature music, sports, theatre, dance and much more.

Mayor Halsema: “A capital city only turns 750 years old once. So we are going all out; with a party in a fabulous location, on the longest day of the jubilee year. Everyone is welcome to come and celebrate Amsterdam’s 750th birthday on June 21st.”

Big, bigger, biggest
Ten years ago, a group of over 100 Amsterdammers first came up with the idea for a large and freely-accessible party on the A10, to be entitled ‘On the road to 750 years of Amsterdam’. The City of Amsterdam will further flesh out the details of the event in the coming year, in cooperation with parties including the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management, safety and transport partners, and with local creative organisations, sports associations and cultural institutions.

What is the plan?
On Friday evening 20 June 2025, we will be closing the western, southern and eastern parts of the orbital road (between the A5 and A1 junctions) after rush hour. One direction will be open for the event, the other direction will remain open to emergency services. On 21 June, the longest day of the year, the motorway will be the place to be for partygoers all day and night. Sunday is clean-up day. The orbital road will be open to traffic again before rush hour on Monday morning.

kaartje met deel Ring A10 waar feest gevierd wordt op 21 juni 2025.

Jubilee year
The jubilee year will boast over 200 activities all across the city. Enjoy musicals, exhibitions, sports, neighbourhood activities, stories, photography, fun things for kids, and much more. The jubilee year will be kicked off festively with a spectacular opening concert at the Ziggo Dome on 27 October 2024. We will also close the jubilee year festively on 27 October 2025, Amsterdam’s official 750th birthday. More will be announced in mid-2024.