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Amsterdam 750 is for everyone, including entrepreneurs. Whether big or small, it doesn't matter, as long as you have a genuine affection for the city.

Amsterdam 750 banner on your product

Books, puzzles, games, juices, cookies, socks… Many products are perfect for a special edition or release to celebrate Amsterdam 750. To facilitate this, we offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to request the Amsterdam 750 banner toolkit. This toolkit contains files of the 750 banner that you can use for your product. You’ll receive the toolkit for free, but we kindly ask you to donate at least 15% of the profit from your 750 product to a charitable cause in Amsterdam. Feel free to choose a charity yourself; we provide some suggestions for you.

750 banner

Decorate the city

Soon, the Amsterdam 750 banner will be visible all over the city. Around the highlights of the jubilee year, we'll set up flags and banners spread throughout the city, just like during major festivals or events. As an entrepreneur, you can contribute to the festive decorations. Would you like to hang up the banner in your store, shopping street or shopping center? We'd love that! We're currently developing some designs, such as flags, window stickers and garlands. More information about this will follow by June 2024.

Making Amsterdam 750 possible

In collaboration with numerous partners throughout the city, the city of Amsterdam is facilitating and financing the foundation of the jubilee year. The city is investing €27 million in the jubilee year. Additionally, arts and culture, sports and other sectors contribute significantly to making many initiatives possible. In addition to this, we call upon partners from businesses, funds and other organizations to (co-)sponsor activities for the city, through sponsorship and/or donation. Think, for example, of projects in sports, education, arts and culture, as well as activities like the Party on Ring A1o and the 750th anniversary itself. For more information, feel free to contact Petra Meijerhof at or call 06-41350855.

“ Amsterdam is the proud home city of numerous businesses, both large and small. The city owes much to that entrepreneurial spirit. We hope that entrepreneurs will show their love for the city by visibly contributing to a memorable jubilee year.”

Sietse Bakker
Program Director Amsterdam 750

Organizing an activity

Everyone can organize something during the jubilee year! Many parties in the city are organizing exhibitions, theater performances, debates, sports activities, gatherings and events to celebrate Amsterdam 750.

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