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Opening Concert in Ziggo Dome

Amsterdam kicks off the Amsterdam 750 jubilee year with a spectacular Opening Concert! On October 27 2024, Ziggo Dome will transform into a musical time machine.

A one-time concert featuring performances by André Hazes Jr, René Froger, S10, Sophie Straat, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Berget Lewis, Donnie, Edsilia Rombley and the Metropole Orkest. The show tells the story of the city with golden oldies and popular music of today, from pop to house and from tearjerkers to hip-hop. With the Opening Concert, which will be broadcast live, the capital invites the whole Netherlands to celebrate the jubilee year together. It will be an unforgettable evening!


The concert is a tribute to Amsterdam and showcases how different musical and dance traditions merge into something unique never seen before. Visitors will be treated to the ultimate medley of Jordaan songs, performed by stars from different generations. The Metropole Orkest performs dance classics while Amsterdam’s club culture is celebrated on stage. The program features unique archival footage and recordings by filmmaker Jerom Fischer as the backdrop. Humor is also present, with Amsterdam being teased by comedian Rayen Panday and the cabaret duo Van der Laan & Woe taking visitors on a whirlwind tour through the city’s history. And it promises to be a true dance spectacle with no less than fifty performers from ISH Dance Collective, consisting of hip-hop dancers, freerunners, b-boys, skaters, BMX riders, freestyle footballers and aerial acrobats.

Star-studded cast

These artists will all be present on October 27: André Hazes, René Froger, S10, Sophie Straat, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Berget Lewis, Donnie, Edsilia Rombley, Latifah, Niki Jacobs, Van der Laan & Woe, Metropole Orkest, ISH Dance Collective, ZO! Gospel Choir, Gershwin Bonevacia, Rayen Panday, Het Nationale Ballet, and the Amsterdams Andalusisch Orkest.


A one-time concert

The Opening Concert of Amsterdam 750 is a collaboration between the Metropole Orkest, ISH Dance Collective, ZO! Gospel Choir and executive producer Making Waves, commissioned by the city of Amsterdam. “In our view, the Amsterdam DNA can be captured in no better way than through music and dance. Two art forms that have a place in every culture that Amsterdam is rich in, which complement each other in all their manifestations without colliding and which can inspire, bring together, and unite people in a unique way. That’s exactly what we want to achieve with this one-time concert!” says Donna Lewis of Zo! Gospel Choir, co-initiator.

Grand start

The Opening Concert marks the beginning of the year in which the 750th birthday of the capital is celebrated. “We want to celebrate the jubilee year in a grand way, and a grand opening is fitting. With the concert, we really want to create something that the city and the Netherlands can identify with and with which we invite the entire country to celebrate,” says Sietse Bakker, Program Director of Amsterdam 750.

For everyone

This event is for everyone who holds our beautiful city dear to their hearts. Whether you’re a born Amsterdammer or have adopted the city as your second home, we all share that love for our vibrant, diverse city.

Special tickets

The city of Amsterdam makes a quarter of the tickets available to Amsterdammers who contribute to the city in a special way or are unable to buy a ticket. For example, young people up to the age of 26 with a Stadspas (City Pass) can already purchase a ticket at a greatly reduced rate starting from March 8th. They will receive a flyer in the mail. Additionally, numerous Amsterdammers who contribute to the city in a special way will receive a personal invitation in the coming period.

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Ticket sales

The regular ticket sales started on March 26, 2024.

Regular ticket sales