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Amsterdam 750 is about the entire city – it's for everyone and it's created by everyone! Are you planning an activity to celebrate the city's 750th anniversary? And does your event align with one or more goals of the jubilee year? If so, we warmly invite you to join Amsterdam 750.

Jubilee year Program

We reflect on 750 eventful years. We contemplate the city of tomorrow and how we collectively shape that future city. That’s the common thread running through the programming of Amsterdam 750. The goals of Amsterdam 750 are:

  • To provide (young) Amsterdam talent with opportunities for further development;
  • To foster new connections and collaborations, such as between Amsterdam residents or between foundations, organizations and businesses that have not previously worked together;
  • Amsterdam 750 leaves something behind for the future; tangible and intangible. For example, we uncover new, unknown stories about the city or create beautiful memories together.

Becoming part of Amsterdam 750

Does your activity align with one or more goals of Amsterdam 750? Then feel free to make your activity a part of the celebration. You can use the ‘750 banner’ in your promotional materials. Register your activity on the ‘750 Uitagenda’ on the I amsterdam website, so that Amsterdammers are informed. The best and most beautiful initiatives will be highlighted through the channels of I amsterdam and Amsterdam 750.

register your event on the uitagenda
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750 banner

Request the free 750 banner toolkit here.

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Making Amsterdam 750 possible

In collaboration with numerous partners throughout the city, the city of Amsterdam is facilitating and financing the foundation of the jubilee year. The city is investing €27 million in the jubilee year. Additionally, arts and culture, sports and other sectors contribute significantly to making many initiatives possible. In addition to this, we call upon partners from businesses, funds and other organizations to (co-)sponsor activities for the city, through sponsorship and/or donation. Think, for example, of projects in sports, education, arts and culture, as well as activities like the Party on Ring A1o and the 750th anniversary itself. For more information, feel free to contact Petra Meijerhof at or call 06-41350855.

Amsterdam 750 events for everyone

You are organizing an event for Amsterdam 750. Of course, you want everyone to be able to participate, including people with disabilities. What should you take into account and how do you do that? We’re happy to share some tips!


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