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Throughout the city, many plans are already being made and activities are being prepared for the celebration of Amsterdam 750. From October 27 2024, to October 27 2025, over 200 activities will take place. These include musicals, theater performances, exhibitions, sports events, neighborhood activities, storytelling & photography projects, fun activities for children and much more.

What’s happening?

We kick off the year with a spectacular Opening Concert at Ziggo Dome on October 27 2024. It will be a musical and visual spectacle paying tribute to both the historic and modern Amsterdam. In June 2025, the city will focus on the future for ten days during the ‘ToekomstTiendaagse’ event. Which will end with a big party on the Ring A10 on Saturday June 21. During the summer and fall, we’ll join in the festivities of SAIL, the Marathon and Kwaku Festival, all celebrating their 50th anniversary. And finally, on October 27 2025, which marks Amsterdam’s 750th birthday, we’ll finish off the jubilee year with a big party. Details about the final party will be announced around mid-2024.

Stay updated on what's happening!

The Uitagenda (events calendar) on I amsterdam will be continuously updated with events and activities related to Amsterdam 750. In the monthly Uitkrant, which is freely available at various locations throughout the city, you'll be kept informed of the highlights. Want to receive weekly updates in your email? Then sign up for the Uitmail.

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In my neighborhood

Celebrating a festivity in your own neighborhood is always special. Whether it’s a performance, a street party or music in the park you love to visit. Therefore, be sure to check out the neighborhood pages for activities organized in your own area. Visit: Neighborhoods in Amsterdam | I amsterdam

Apply for a grant

Do you have a great idea but still need funding? You can apply for funding in multiple ways to organize something for the city’s birthday. For small amounts and neighborhood initiatives, Amsterdam 750 collaborates with Mensen Maken Amsterdam. For larger amounts, there’s the Amsterdam 750 Foundation.

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Do you have any questions or want to share something with us? You can send a message to the Amsterdam 750 Program Office via the contact form. Of course, you can also give us a call.