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Sponsors & partners

Explore the driving forces behind Amsterdam 750 - our sponsors and partners. These companies and organizations help make the jubilee year possible and contribute to celebrating the rich history and promising future of Amsterdam.

Become a sponsor?

We invite corporate partners, funds, and other organizations to help make activities possible for the city through sponsorship and/or donation. This could include projects in sports, education, arts and culture, as well as activities such as the Ring Festival and the 750th anniversary itself. For more information, please feel free to contact Petra Meijerhof via email: or through phone: 06-41350855.

  • Heineken

    The Amsterdam-based beer brewer, connected to the city for over 150 years, is the proud main sponsor of Amsterdam 750. With the support, knowledge and expertise of Heineken, the highlights of Amsterdam 750 are elevated to the highest level. Together, we make it a vibrant and enjoyable year.

  • Rabobank

    Rabobank wants Amsterdam 750 to be a celebration for all Amsterdammers. They are keen to contribute their support, expertise and network with the aim of promoting equal opportunities. As part of the partnership, Rabobank also supports Amsterdam 750 Foundation, which helps make initiatives at the neighborhood level possible, and Mensen Maken Amsterdam, the umbrella organization of neighborhood funds.

  • Oba

    The OBA (Amsterdam Public Library) also commits as a social partner to the jubilee year. Together, we make Amsterdam 750 even more accessible through the OBA's network of branches, ensuring that the anniversary year is always close by for everyone. The OBA offers its locations, expertise, people and network to realize the birthday program in the neighborhoods, with activities, mini-exhibitions and reaching out to initiators from the city.

  • GVB

    Our mobility partner, GVB, deserves special recognition for their contribution to the accessibility of Amsterdam 750. With their commitment to sustainable public transport, they ensure that everyone can participate in the festivities. Thanks to GVB for facilitating a smooth and inclusive jubilee celebration.

  • AT5

    AT5, part of the Public Broadcasting Amsterdam and the Amsterdam local public broadcaster for over thirty years, joins as a media partner. Thanks to this great collaboration, the jubilee year will reach even more living rooms, through television and the popular online platforms.